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Cal Shabu Santa Monica on the lookout for additional team members!

As we continue to wait for our signage, which seems to be taking a lifetime, we find ourselves looking for a few more team members to join the crew. The general pace of business is gradually steadying itself, despite the fact that our sign-less frontage can be a bit tough to spot on a drive by. Since we still have numerous first-time customers walking by our sign-lessness for months before stepping in, we’re hoping the signage truly has something to do with our real level of exposure in the local community.

Before we look to good ol Craigslist, we were hoping to find a few existing Shabu lovers who know what we’re all about, and have some time to commit to our growth efforts. If you or anyone else you know is interested, please don’t hesitate to download our application from our website ( or click on the “apply for a position” above and email us to set up a time to come by for an interview. Feel free to include your resume in the email as well.

We are looking for, of course the basic cliche upbeat, energetic, attentive, and professional team members, but we’re actually serious about these qualities. One of our biggest pet peeves is when any servers fail to deliver the same level of service which any of us would find satisfactory eating out ourselves. We know you guys are out there, so hopefully you’ll find us sooner than later. Contact us anytime at We’ve left you all with a bit of Canadian humor, or honesty, since we hate picture-less posts.



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