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New Years Eve 2012 @ Cal Shabu Santa Monica!

I guess its official, we’re spending our NYE slinging meat and drinks! We’ll open almost normal business hours:

Lunch 11:30 – 2:00 and Dinner we’ll open limited hours from 5:00 – 8:00 which will lead into our New Years Bash.

Cal Shabu loyalists are always welcome to join in the festivities! Hope to see you guys soon!!




‘A’ is for Awesome food!! ‘A’ is for Alcohol!!

After a tough scrutinizing of our operation and storage setup, our health inspector finally gave us our grade! We thought we had everything handled, but it was super minor things like not having labelled our hot drop bottles that docked us points, threatening the ‘A’ that we had so longingly cared for by labelling and dating literally everything in our kitchen. If you’re going to do it, do it right! I’ll label my left hand if I have to!


So its been just over 1 month of being open, and sign-less still. Our small and loyal local regulars have been so supportive and welcoming!! We really wanted to say thank you to everyone who has wandered into our sign-less establishment. Joining the neighborhood has been a great experience so far, and learning the lay of the land has been an educational process. But, we think we’ve finally started to understand a little bit, the nature of our local market: Later lunches, later Happy Hours, and lets call them lackluster Saturday and Sunday lunches for us so far. This being said, we will be amending our Happy Hours in response below.

Our signage is in the process of being approved by the city as we speak. We’re hoping that our new design will be accepted and ready for install in the next could weeks at most. Its killing us not to be seen. Countless heads have walked by, looked up for the non-existent sign, looked down, up again, then walked on in curiosity. Our newest signage addition as been our open sign, so until the city approves us, look for the ‘open’ sign.

We will most likely be closed both December 24 and 25th, and well as December 31 and New Years Day. Its not that we don’t want to be open, but the neighborhood just looks like such a ghost town during the holidays.


Mon – Friday: 5:00 – 8:00

Wednesday will be Happy Hour Prices ALL DAY LONG!!!! Lunch and Dinner!!

Saturday/Sunday Happy Hour prices 11:30 – 2pm!

We’re doing a dollar off our already cheap draft beer and wine as well as $3 hot and mixed sakes! For most of you its usually been a long day, so kick back with some comfort shabu and a cold icy beer to finish off the day.

$3 Pints of Kirin, Sapporo, and Hot or Mixed Sake ($12 pitchers)

$3.50 Pints of Stella, Leffe Blonde, Widmer Hef, and imported Asahi draft ($14 pitchers)

Don’t forget to try our newest house spicy edamame!

Thank you again for bearing with us and all of our communication, signage, website, parking issues as of late. The community’s support has been amazing, and we really hope to meet you guys soon!

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