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Let there be light…and wood!!

We are finally departing from the construction site look and going for an actual dinable restaurant motif!

The wood work is almost done…. but who thought that it would be a good idea to put the fire alarm at a 6 year old’s height, right next to the front door entrance?!! Fire drill time!!

Our dopest inspector Jim has finally given us the green light to button up the shop…and thats why we have working lights now, and hopefully soon, an actual money making restaurant to pay back the loads and loads of debt from the time overrun. The art is almost all done, menus kind of ready, alcohol is ready to be tested and tasted, and my liver is not ready, but it’ll have to be! I can’t wait to serve you guys!



Downtown Toy District Art!

In the last post we spoke of art… shouldn’t talk about art without some, so here’s some love from Downtown LA in the Toy District close to a little restaurant called Church and State. DTLA has become a haven for art, and its our hope to be able to showcase some of this amazing street art in our restaurant.

Belgian street artist ROA has these insane rodent/skeleton pieces all over DTLA.

Wandering around the Toy District, we stumbled on one of my favorite artists Augustine Kofie.

And then one of Phil Lumbang’s awesome bears!

This piece was insane!

Dabs and Myla have been a long time favorite of ours, and we guarantee we’ll bring a piece of theirs.

I can see the floor!!

Its about time that it started to actually look like a restaurant! Still so many obstacles to overcome, but the concrete floors are looking… well at least we have concrete floors now!
The walls are screaming for art, and we have a serious lineup of artists who are already working on our new wallspace!

Eventually we want to sell some of our future art pieces for charity, and we’re hoping to collaborate with BiddingForGood.

BFG is an interesting charity eBay-style site which has facilitated millions in charitable transactions, and we’re thinking this will be perfect to kickstart an art/print for sale section


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