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HVAC 101

So the biggest PITA is this godzilla hood as I mentioned previously. With seating all over the restaurant, the ventilation system spiders throughout the entire space, and dominates the ceiling cavity. The delays to this segment of the project were due to 2 things: The original plan called for 1 singular ventilation shaft, which meant that whenever the ventilation switched on, it didn’t matter if there were 2 people or 42 people eating, the system operated at 100% capacity. This didn’t make any sense to us, so we decided to re-engineer the plans to accommodate a larger shaft which would allow us to operate at half or full power. This would be significantly more energy efficient.

Our original plan had an open ceiling design, but the health department denied our request, and decided that we should clad literally every surface from floor to ceiling. They had initially approved it, only to go back and change their minds. Of course the build cost was affected by this due to the extra framing and now excessive amount of drywall. More money just fell out of our pocket.


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  1. Hey there! Saw on Leonard's blog about your blog and thought I'd drop by to check it out. 🙂

    Take care and best wishes on your next adventure!


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